i've been asking myself what it looks like/how to be a light at work. how to stand up for my faith when colleagues make passing judgments about religion. how to react when they poke fun at the patient whose pain is apparently relieved through the power of Jesus. how to be kind. how to be loving and… Continue reading integral

On journaling and silence

I started journaling today. The traditional pen to paper kind of journaling where there are no spellchecks or backspaces. Between the paper and my tears were words that I'd kept inside of me, which had begun to tangle and overflow. "God, do you see me?" I don't know how others do it, but I talk… Continue reading On journaling and silence

a New Chapter

Surprise surprise, I started another blog. Another year and milestone wiser, I decided to start fresh (yet again) in hopes of actually being diligent in writing out my thoughts and reflections instead of trying to salvage what was left of my blogspot. It seems that with each passing life stage, with all its excitement and joy,… Continue reading a New Chapter